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"Raising the Bar 4U: Pioneering Progress in Real Estate Development

With strategic brilliance and a forward-focused mindset, we push boundaries and shape a more inclusive future. Our passion for relationships, team empowerment, and visionary pathways amplifies transformative solutions. Empowering communities, championing sustainability, fostering innovation, and nurturing collaboration define our ethos, underpinned by unwavering integrity. Our unrelenting drive to impart financial literacy and real estate investment expertise for generational wealth sets us apart. Together, we ascend to new heights of excellence, continuously raising the bar."

Michelle Patterson

Michelle Patterson is a trailblazing visionary and the CEO and founder of Raising the Bar 4U, a transformative organization dedicated to education, empowerment, and execution. With over two decades of experience in the finance and accounting space, including, but not limited to Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, and Record to Report, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to her leadership role. Her expertise in government, hospitality, and construction contracts and receivables has further strengthened her ability to navigate the complexities of financial literacy, sustainability, and growth.

As an astute leader, Michelle has achieved remarkable success in forecasting cash flow for multi-billion-dollar companies and minimizing bad debt write-offs. Her proficiency in project management and creating best business practices has enhanced operational performance and productivity within her organization. Michelle's experience in internal and external audits ensures that her company operates with the utmost integrity and transparency. Michelle's profound insight strengthens her capability to guide others through the maze of financial literacy.  It’s evident in the lives she has positively influenced and the lasting changes she has implemented.

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Michelle’s Clifton Strengths—Individualization, Strategic, Futuristic, Relator, and Arranger—are not mere markers of her capability but are testament to the depth of her connection with others. She possesses an innate ability to discern the unique potential within individuals, nurturing connections and uniting them in a shared vision. While her strategic acumen ensures she remains several steps ahead, her forward-looking nature pushes boundaries, always striving for a brighter, more inclusive future. Her passion for fostering relationships, empowering teams, and creating visionary pathways for the future is palpable in every project she touches.

Central to Michelle's leadership is a heartfelt ethos of education, empowerment, community, sustainability, innovation, collaboration, and above all, integrity. Driven by passion, she ceaselessly works to equip individuals with the tools they need to navigate the world of financial literacy, and real estate investment to assist in creating generational wealth. Her pursuit of impactful change keeps Raising the Bar at the zenith of excellence.

With a passion for impactful change, Michelle constantly explores new strategies, technologies, and approaches, ensuring that her company stays at the forefront of innovation. Collaborative partnerships with various businesses, community organizations, and municipalities enhance the company's ability to create transformative solutions that have a positive and lasting impact. 

Above all, Michelle Patterson's unwavering integrity shines through her work, making her a trusted leader within the community, among partners, and stakeholders. As a steward of resources, she leads by example, raising the bar for leadership in her field. Michelle enjoys close relationships with others and finds deep satisfaction in working collaboratively to achieve goals.  Michelle's inspirational leadership continues to motivate those within her company, and her unwavering commitment to transforming lives reverberates throughout the communities she serves. The partnerships she forges further amplifies the company’s capacity to craft solutions that are not just transformative but have an enduring positive imprint.

Board of Directors, Storrington Homeowners Association

President, November 2016 - Present

As the face of the organization, maintain oversight of the organization’s finances, vision, and mission and the head of the Architectural Control Committee


Board of Directors, Pink Lady Bug Foundation

Treasurer, May 2011 - 2016

Oversaw the financial administration of the organization, reviewed procedures and financial reporting, advised the board on financial strategy, and advise on fundraising.


Board of Directors, Community Changers, Inc,

Vice-Board Chair, December 1999 – 2005

Led the Governance Committee, and the community outreach committee and assisted in building the board team

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